Bring only what you need and leave everything else at home...

What Not to BringBack to top

Please do not bring any unnecessary items to the course. If you arrive at the centre with any of the following you will be asked to place them in a locker and you will not have access to them until the end of the course.

  • Mobile phones or any other electronic/internet devices
  • Books, writing materials, radios, tape recorders, cameras, etc
  • Food & Drinks (this is provided)
  • Alcohol, tobacco, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, sedatives or illegal drugs
  • Crystals, talismans, rosaries or other religious objects
  • Jewellery or valuables (facilities are provided for safekeeping of money)
  • Furs, leather or animal skins are not permitted in the hall.
  • There is no need to bring an alarm clock as there are gongs wherever needed. 

ClothingBack to top

Bring enough warm and comfortable clothing for the duration of your stay.

Note that only basic hand-washing facilities are available to do your laundry at the centre. Note that meditation centre is a rural property, and it is advisable at all times of the year to bring some waterproof clothing, an umbrella, a sun hat and outdoor shoes.

Please don’t bring shorts, tank tops, transparent, tight or revealing clothing; bring leggings or tights only if they will be covered to the knee by a skirt or dress.

Please note you will need enough clothing for your entire stay and all items should be modest as described in the Code of Discpline.

We ask students to dress modestly when they attend courses. Clothes should not be revealing. For example, tops should cover shoulders and midriff and shorts should not be worn. Large, eye-catching words or slogans on T-shirts should be avoided, and any design should not contain anything of a religious nature.  Tights or leggings should be worn only under a knee length top or skirt/dress. Dhamma Pataka male students or servers may not wear Indian type dhoti or lungi. Long pants must be worn, or you may wear shorts that are below the knee. This helps keep a suitable atmosphere for meditation.

ToiletriesBack to top

Please bring your own towel, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, unscented deodorant, shaving equipment, sanitary supplies, etc. Please do not bring any perfumes or strongly scented toiletries.

Useful ExtrasBack to top

A bottle for drinking water and a thermos for hot water may also be helpful. You could bring meditation cushions and a shawl however these are also available for use at the centre (Please note that these must be separate items from your bedding).

Bring Washing powder to hand wash your clothes. A Bucket, clothesline and pegs are provided.

Hot water bottle in case the weather is cold.  Hot water will be available.

Torch with batteries

BeddingBack to top

We provide a bed sheet. Extra blankets and pillows are available on a first come, first serve basis.

All your own bedding requirements, e.g. sleeping bag, pillow, sheet, etc.The weather can be extremely cold during the winter months.  If you have no bedding when you arrive Dhamma Pataka has a limited supply of bedding to loan.

MeditationBack to top

We provide meditation cushions and shawls.