About Dhamma Patāka

About Dhamma Patāka

" The Flag of Dhamma "

Dhamma Patāka, meaning ‘flag of Dhamma’, is the first Vipassana centre to be established in Africa, and one of over 200 centres around the world dedicated to the tradition of Sayagi U Ba Khin as taught by S. N. Goenka

Located on 7.5 hectares of land that is abundant with trees and water, the Centre rests amid a mountain range that has its impressive peak Audenberg as the rear view of the property. The site was originally a holiday resort known as ‘Rustig’ (meaning ‘peaceful’ in Afrikaans). It is at the end of a quiet road,  nestled in a semi circle of mountains, overlooking the Breede Valley.

Offering regular new and old students courses since being operational from February 2005, Dhamma Patāka is 130 km from Cape Town, situated near Worcester in the Western Cape province of South Africa - easily accessible being 7 km off the national N1 which runs between Johannesburg and Cape Town, and close to train and bus transport.

Dhamma Patāka can currently accommodate about 90 students and 14 servers on each course.  However, expansion up to 120 students is planned. For the most part the accommodation consists of newly renovated single rooms with bathroom and shower.

Dhamma Patāka  is owned and managed by the Vipassana  Association of South Africa Trust (VASA), a registered public benefit organisation.